For a church to be healthy, there must be signs of health.

Our vision for ourselves as a healthy church is that people of all ages come to church, that they grow and that they begin to lead.

  • Firstly, we help people to come to church by earning their permission to make a life-changing suggestion.

  • We then encourage growth through meaningful connections, courses and a personal relationship with Jesus.

  • We also help them to develop the call to influence the world around us through the influence that God has had on us.


Simon & Cheslyn Hemsley
LEAD Pastors

Simon & Cheslyn Hemsley are the Lead Pastors of His Church, together they have 4 children, Reuben, Levi, Benjamin and Lily-Grace.


God’s hand has clearly been involved in Simon’s life from his youth, however it was only upon spending 3 years studying at Christian Bible Institute in Pinetown, that God’s promises began to come to fruition and God began to reveal His way forward to Simon. In 2004, following his completion of 3 years at Christian Bible Institute, Simon moved into the marketplace for a short time and thereafter joined the staff at His Church under Fiona Des Fontaine. In 2016, the leadership of His Church was handed over to Simon.

Cheslyn has served faithfully in His Church from a young age in numerous areas and was ordained as a Pastor in 2007. Upon finishing school, Cheslyn spent 3 years studying at Christian Bible Institute and afterwards joined the staff at His Church under Fiona Des Fontaine. Cheslyn is hugely passionate about the house of God and consistently challenges herself and others to make it the best place in the world for people to be.

Together, Simon and Cheslyn have been in ministry for a total of 11 years and both share an unrelenting passion for the local church and what she can accomplish.